Who is the President?

Jesús Ferreiro Rúa

Journalist. Member of the Journalists’ Union. (Card nº 101)

Founder and Director of “Onda Pesquera” (COPE / SER / RNE)

Founder and President of the Iberia Communication Group.

Founder and first President of Quinn Iberia Art.

Founder and first President of Musealia.

Founder and President of the Titanic International Foundation.


Donostía / San Sebastián, 3 September 1963

San Sebastián: “Música en las redes”: A local programme called “Música en las Redes”, directed and presented by Jesús Ferreiro, is born on San Sebastián’s Radio Popular

This programme, of a local nature, and dedicated solely and exclusively to “records dedicated” by the people of the land to their loved ones at sea, would be the root of what would later be called “De cara al mar” (La Voz de Guipúzcoa. RNE) and would later adapt its definitive name to “Onda Pesquera” (Radio San Sebastián SER and Cadena COPE).

Jesús Ferreiro at COPE.


Barcelona, 12th July 1972.

“Ángelo Dundy, manager of Muhammad Alí, Cassius Clay, selects Jesús Ferreiro as his Head of Press, in Spain, on the occasion of the exhibition match to be held in Barcelona, between Cassius Clay and Goyo Peralta, on 1 August 1972”. (Photographic archive).

Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali Press Conference.


Madrid, 12 June 1975. Pueblo Newspaper:

“Meeting of Mr. Santiago Bernabéu, President of the Real Madrid C.F; Antonio Calderón, Manager and Agustín Domínguez, Secretary General, “sign” the journalist Jesús Ferreiro to direct the Official Programme of the Real Madrid C.F. Congratulations, colleague”. (Photographic archive)

Official bulletin of Real Madrid.


San Sebastian, 21 February 1980. La Voz de España newspaper:

By order of the Secretary of State for Culture, Josep Meliá, the broadcast of the programme “Onda Pesquera” is suspended, under the accusation of provoking a strike by the fishermen of Gipuzkoa in protest against the actions of the French patrol boats.

The national police prevent Jesús Ferreiro from accessing the radio station La Voz de Guipúzcoa (RNE) from where the programme was broadcast. (Photographic Archive).

Jesús Ferreiro at the fishermen's demonstration.

Jesús Ferreiro at the fishermen's demonstration.SUPPORT OF THE BROTHERHOODS TO JESUS FERREIRO

San Sebastian, 3 March 1980. UNIDAD newspaper:

The Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds of Guipúzcoa writes the following

“Mr. Minister:

In the annual ordinary General Assembly of this Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds of Guipuzcoa, among other agreements, the suspension of the broadcast “Onda Pesquera” directed by the journalist Jesús Ferreiro daily, from seven to nine in the morning, and transmitted by the radio station “La Voz de Guipúzcoa” of San Sebastián, was discussed.

This program was considered, for the fishing family, of interest impossible to catalogue, since it meant a constant contact by radio, to know the news of fishing interest, greetings and congratulations of our families and in a very special way the meteorological predictions, and that, for such causes, had acquired a great popularity, that we can consider of great importance.

The suspension of Onda Pesquera has left a great gap which is difficult to fill, so the following agreement was adopted at the above-mentioned Assembly, among others:

To address the Honourable Minister of Culture, begging the restoration of the Onda Pesquera programme at its usual hours.

We submit this letter in the hope that our request will be accepted, as it is the request of all the fishing families in this and other provinces”.

Jesús Ferreiro on board the fishing boat "Paquita y Andrés" from Villaviciosa, in Casablanca


Madrid, 6th March 1980. Pueblo Newspaper:

“Due to the pressure exerted on the media by the Cofradías de Pescadores (fishermen’s associations) along the entire Spanish coast, threatening a general strike in the maritime-fishing sector, the Ministry of Culture revokes its suspension order and Jesús Ferreiro resumes broadcasting his programme Onda Pesquera.

Jesús Ferreiro on board the fishing boat "Paquita y Andrés" from Villaviciosa, in Casablanca.


Dakhla (Villa Cisneros) Morocco, 12 August 1980 EFE Agency:

“The crew of the Canary Island fishing boat “Enrique de Aguinaga” handed over a plaque with the following inscription: “To Jesús Ferreiro, director of the Onda Pesquera programme” of Cadena SER, in gratitude for his efforts and his trip to Dakhla (Villa Cisneros. Morocco), for our release. The crew of the fishing boat “Enrique de Aguinaga”.


Madrid, 30 October 1980 Diario EGIN / Agencia EFE:

“The EFE Agency presents Jesús Ferreiro with a plaque in recognition of the information on the fishing vessels captured by Morocco.”

ONDAS AWARD. Jesús Ferreiro. 

Barcelona, 08 November 1980. EL PAÍS newspaper:

“Jesús Ferreiro, as director and creator of the radio programme “Onda Pesquera”, receives the ONDAS PRIZE 1980.

ONDAS AWARD. “Onda Pesquera”.

Barcelona, 08 November 1980. EL PAÍS newspaper:

“Onda Pesquera” the radio programme, receives the ONDAS PRIZE 1980.

45 Aniversary of the Frente Polisario.


San Sebastian, 12 November 1980. Diario Vasco:

“Jesús Ferreiro offers himself as a hostage in exchange for the 38 fishermen captured by the Polisario Front.”

In a letter sent to the Saharawi Minister of Information, the director of “Onda Pesquera” promises to start a campaign against the attitude of the Polisario Front against the Spanish fishermen if they are not released by the 27th, and sends the following letter to Salem Oult Salek, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Polisario Front:

“Dear friend:

First of all I would like to thank you for the great kindness and the exquisite treatment I received during my recent visit to Algeria, during which I had the opportunity to have a long dialogue with you about those 38 Spanish fishermen you are holding prisoner in one of your camps in the Tindouf desert.

Once back in Spain, I have been meditating on all the reasons you gave me to try and reason out the attitude that led you to kidnap these 38 Spanish fishermen, totally unaware of any and all of your claims on the Spanish Government.

As the six months of captivity of the first fishermen that you captured are now approaching, enough time to have reached an agreement, if there is good will to do so, and as no agreement has been reached with the Spanish government, I would like to express to you with this letter, on behalf of all the great family of the sea, the strongest condemnation of this already very long kidnapping, while, as I told you personally, I offer to exchange myself for those 38 Spanish fishermen you have kidnapped, and remain your prisoner until such time as you reach an agreement with the Spanish government.

To conclude, I can only tell you that, in case you do not accept my offer,

and if you do not release the 38 Spanish fishermen before next 22nd, we will start, to put international pressure on you, and above all, to obtain their release, a campaign that, as you will understand, will benefit you in no way to inform the world of the image of this suffering Saharawi people who fight for their rights, justice and freedom, but whose struggle has nothing to do with it, and you have no need whatsoever to keep these 38 fishermen prisoner, totally unaware of everything.

All that remains is for me to wait for your reply to this letter and to go to Algeria to make myself available to you.

Very cordially.”

Jesus Ferreiro.


San Sebastian, 19 November 1980. BASQUE NEWSPAPER:

“Last night, Onda Pesquera obtained, and exceeded, the 700,000 pesetas that the crew of the Canary Island fishing boat “Maitechu” must pay to the Moroccan authorities to obtain their freedom.

The amount collected last night was 1,230,000 pesetas, obtained from donations from listeners to the programme and from the crew of boats in the Bay of Biscay, especially those based in the ports of Ondárroa and Pasajes.

Jesús Ferreiro, director of Onda Pesquera will go this week to Dajlha (formerly Villa Cisneros), to pay the amount of the deposit and thus release the three fishermen who have been held since 7 September.


Algeria 25 November 1980. Newspaper El Pais:

“” URGENT; The 38 Spanish fishermen are released by the Polisario Front””.


Madrid, 7 December 1980. Newspaper EL PAIS:

“Onda Pesquera” has become, in record time, a star of the “boom” of the new radio.

A peripheral star, however, who knows more about the jobs and days of those who live with one foot on land and the other on the sea, than about the latest “rock and roll” album.

This modest provincial programme, directed and produced by Jesús Ferreiro, a great professional and a better person, has won the Ondas Award and has extended its audience to all the stations of Cadena SER, and, above all, has become the main source of news related to everything that affects the sea.

An example where there are any. Congratulations”.

Jesús Ferreiro in SER.


Bayonne (France), 08 December 1980. Magazine HOJA DEL MAR.

Bayonne (France): Expelled :: (While doing a report for his radio programme, Jesús Ferreiro, director of “Onda Pesquera” was expelled, with bad manners, from the French patrol boat “Ancelle”, in the port of Bayonne (France)

French patrol boat Ancelle


Trintxerpe, 18 December 1980. “BASQUE NEWSPAPER”:

“Onda pesquera is solving problems, I could say that they are not its concern, if this were not almost a heresy, but problems to be solved by the high authorities of the Government. On the other hand, Onda Pesquera and its director Jesús Ferreiro do not have a hair on their head to say what needs to be said, nor does it have any rust on its legs to go anywhere: Algeria, Morocco, the Sahara…… to meet with whoever it needs to and to solve the problems of imprisonment of men and boats.

The fishermen, grateful as they always know how to be, organised a dinner to pay tribute to Jesús Ferreiro and his team, filling the whole area with more than 750 people.

This tribute, presided over by the municipal authorities of Pasajes, was also attended by the Director General of the SER, Eugenio Fontán, and the Commander of the Guipúzcoa Navy, Eduardo Sáez de Buruaga……

The evening was enlivened by folklore groups such as Caldas de Reyes (Pontevedra), the Alkartasuna Dance Group of Pasajes Antxo, the fanfare Txirri Tarra of Trintxerpe, the txistularis of the Illumbe Music Association, the pipers of the Casa de Galicia of San Sebastian and the orchestra Los Eúskaros…..

A checkpoint of the Red Cross of the Sea and the firemen of the Board of the Pasaia Port looked after the safety of those present””.

Cipriano Vidal.

Homage dinner to "Onda Pesquera", in the fishing district of Trincherpe. San Sebastian.
Dinner in homage to "Onda Pesquera", with the intervention of Rosa María Lobo. San Sebastian.

Jesús Ferreiro is awarded the Red Cross plaque by its President.RED CROSS.

San Sebastián, 20 December 1980 UNIDAD newspaper:

Plaque of the Red Cross of the Sea, to Jesús Ferreiro “in recognition of the Onda Pesquera team for the great work done for the men of the sea”.

Jesús Ferreiro is awarded the Red Cross plaque by its President.


San Sebastian, 09 January 1981 Diario Vasco.

In a charming ceremony held at the Casa del Pueblo in Trincherpe, Ramón Jauregui, Secretary General of the UGT in the Basque Country, presents a plaque “In homage to Jesús Ferreiro Rúa, Director of Onda Pesquera, for his work in favour of the people of the Sea”.


Madrid, 12th February 1981. EFE Agency. / DEIA:

“The Radio and Television Directors’ Club has awarded the annual prize for the BEST PROFESSIONAL IN SPANISH RADIO 1980 to Jesús Ferreiro, creator and director of “Onda Pesquera” on Cadena SER.

This prize, which is awarded annually by the directors of the most important radio and television stations and channels, rewards the professional work of Spanish Radio.

The two winners in previous years were Encarna Sanchez and Luis del Olmo””

Telegram from Santiago Carrillo to Jesús Ferreiro.SANTIAGO CARRILLO.

Madrid, 21 February 1981. DEIA Newspaper:

“……. Later, Santiago Carrillo read a telegram sent to the Congress of Deputies by Jesús Ferreiro, director of the program Onda Pesquera, asking the Chamber to be more concerned about the people of the sea and to solve the problem of fishing…….

Coup d'état. Telegram from UGT to COUP D’ÉTAT

Madrid, 26 February 1981. Telegram.

Jesús Ferreiro receives an urgent telegram with the following text:

“Friend Jesus, please send to the address of Cadena SER the thanks of the men of the sea for the information we have received, through your programme Onda Pesquera, about the coup d’état on the 23rd and 24th.The seafarers, secularly marginalized in political issues, were able to follow such historic hours, through the airwaves.

Hugs. Long live freedom, long live the constitution.

Fernando González Vila, PSOE Huelva Deputy and State Fishing and Merchant Marine Unions UGT””.


Bilbao, 01 March 1981. La Gaceta del Norte newspaper:

Carmen Torres Ripa.

“They say that it is difficult to talk about love when you are in love. They say that very deep feelings are impossible to explain…there is a lack of words, expressions, that “I don’t know what” that leaves you without expression the best of the experiences. But, in a minute, what one believes, can be broken down into a pile of reports and catch phrases. Because Jesús Ferreiro is crazy about the sea and knows how to transmit that passion through the air. And those who listen to him – the fishermen, that other court of lovers – catch the compliments from the wind with a salty taste, and keep them to be savoured slowly there among the nets, the fears, the joys and the yearnings. Those yearnings that are hidden in the hull of a ship. Jesus knows all this because he is the reporter of the sea……

It is night in San Sebastian. There are stars and the cold is gone. Perhaps it has remained in the rough hands of the fishermen who have just turned off the radio. Perhaps the words of “Onda Pesquera” have made them feel less lost. Perhaps some of them remember that day when he felt like a grandfather and heard, from the programme, the cry of his grandson “it was a very beautiful moment – Jesus tells us – when we went to the hospital and put the microphone in the little cradle, or that other day when a tear slipped down the brown furrows of Antonio’s face, that fisherman who was a father at sea and” …

Jesus has given us the sailor’s love. Whenever we look at the horizon, we feel that you speak a language of nets, of fish – “I’m not good at fishing, I’m very sorry to see the fish die” – of love and of that poetry that is left in the wake of the boats. –I don’t know what it is to be a poet,” and you want to answer with Becquer’s verses. And you are ashamed and you shut up. But Jesus, poetry does not have to rhyme. To your fishermen you are like a loose verse””


Interview with Jesús Ferreiro. "La Gaceta del Norte".


Madrid, 13 May 1981. DEIA newspaper:

“A special team from the first TVE channel, under the direction of Raul Peña, has travelled to San Sebastian to film images of how the programme “Onda Pesquera” is produced for its Historias de la Radio programme.

This special programme includes a long interview, conducted in the port of Hondarribia, with Jesús Ferreiro, the creator and director of this programme dedicated to the world of the sea, which has undoubtedly been a radio discovery for Cadena SER”.

Interview of Jesús Hermida with Jesús Ferreiro on TVE.JESUS HERMIDA / TVE.

Madrid, 25 May 1981 Diario HIERRO

Jesús Ferreiro and his programme “Onda Pesquera” will be the protagonists of two TVE programmes.

The first of these will be tomorrow, Friday, on the 3 o’clock news, in which Jesús Hermida will interview Jesús Ferreiro.

Soon, it will be in one of the spaces of the programme “De cerca” and also in the space dedicated to “Historias de la Radio”.

This presence of Jesús Ferreiro on the small screen appears to us as a public tribute to him and his entire team of collaborators, who, every day, make possible the miracle of attracting the attention not only of the people of the sea, but also of those on land……


Madrid, 18 March 1982. Diario Vasco:

“H.M. King Juan Carlos, receives in audience Jesús Ferreiro, director of Onda Pesquera, who was accompanied by Félix Gamarra, director of Radio San Sebastián, to congratulate him for” the great journalistic and humanitarian work carried out through his programme Onda Pesquera de la SER”.

For his part, Jesús Ferreiro presented a plaque to HM the King with the recording of the words that Mr Juan Carlos sent to all the people of the sea on the occasion of the inauguration of the programme Onda Pesquera.

In addition, Jesús Ferreiro thanked HM the King that, “”Onda Pesquera was the first programme in the history of radio to be inaugurated by a King””.


San Sebastian, 05 April 1982. Magazine GUÍA DE SAN SEBASTIÁN:

Alberto Eceiza Goñi.

“Usually, when we refer to people who have become “myths”, we associate the idea with people who have already died or are old, such as CHURCHILL, DE GAULLE, CONCHA PIQUER, BOBY DEGLANÉ, MATIAS PRATS, etc. etc. It is difficult to find a myth among young men. Our character today is, without doubt, already a radio myth; a young man, at the head of a young team, with a programme that informs, even – on some occasions – the minister of the sector. This is the case of Jesús Ferreiro, a simple, shy, affable, likeable man, a tireless worker, young and with a prestige that is the result of his many years of honest work”.

Alberto Eceiza Goñi.

(Complete interview in “Guía de San Sebastián” of 050482)

Magazine "Guía de San Sebastián".


Bilbao, 13th May 1982. TRIBUNA VASCA magazine:

An inflatable boat was donated yesterday by the “Onda Pesquera” programme to the DYA so that this association can cover its maritime rescue services more effectively.

The donation, made by Jesús Ferreiro director of “Onda Pesquera” to Eduardo Tamayo, president of the DYA, was made in the town of Pasajes de San Juan in Gipuzkoa.

Donation of a sea rescue boat to the DYA.


Madrid, 29th July 1982. DAILY 16:

“Onda Pesquera” leaves, provisionally, after getting all the prizes.

The programme that the SER broadcasts from Radio San Sebastian and which is directed by the excellent journalist Jesús Ferreiro, one of the most awarded in the history of Spanish radio broadcasting, will no longer be on air from 30 July.

Jesús Ferreiro, the director and creator of this programme, has managed, together with his team, to ensure that the news of the men of the sea is present in the daily lives of those who do not see the coasts.

Jesús Ferreiro, who in addition to the Ondas Award and recognition as the Best Professional of Spanish Radio, above all, the award for journalistic credibility, leaves with the satisfaction that no information given by his programme has ever been denied by any organisation, whether private or official.

He deserves a break.

Congratulations and thank you, colleague”.


Candás, 13 September 1982: LA VOZ DE ASTURIAS newspaper:

“The Asturian sculptor Canon delivers his “Golden Seagull” award in recognition of the great journalistic work of Jesús Ferreiro, of whom he said: “United by the common denominator of art, to whom I spoke one day to the satisfaction of my spirit”.


Candás, 14th September 1982: EL DIARIO MONTAÑES:

“The fishing village of Candás has awarded Jesús Ferreiro, director of “Onda Pesquera”, the title of “MAN OF THE DAWN”, for his personal merits in defence of the good people of the sea”.


San Sebastian, 27 October 1982: EGIN newspaper:

“At a quarter past six in the evening, last Thursday, Jesús Ferreiro began, one more day, his popular programme “Onda Pesquera”.

But that day the programme would be different. At that time he made an appeal to his listeners to fill a trailer truck with donations for the Levantine people who have suffered the tragedy of the floods in just 24 hours.

The call made by Jesús Ferreiro was enough to make all his listeners turn up, from all over Guipúzcoa, giving clothes, blankets, shoes, food and medicine.

Thousands and thousands of people paraded for twelve hours through the studios of Radio San Sebastian, depositing their donations which were immediately driven, in vans and private cars, which offered themselves voluntarily, to the facilities of the Municipal Fronton, where members of the Red Cross packed them up to be sent to Valencia.

Once again, the convening power of Jesús Ferreiro and his popular programme “Onda Pesquera” has been demonstrated. In less than 24 hour

s, not only did they achieve what they set out to do, filling a trailer truck, but they also filled… 12 large trailer trucks!

The farewell of the 12 trucks, totally loaded with aid to the Valencian people, was very emotional, they drove through the city sounding their horns and with the official greeting of the General Deputy Mr. Aizarna, the Mayor of the city Mr. Alkain, the Director of Radio San Sebastian Mr. Gamarra and Jesus Ferreiro himself, who, after thanking the noble gesture of the people of Gipuzkoa, wished the drivers a good trip and they left for the Valencian city of Alcira, where they have arrived without any news”.

Jesus Ferreiro. Loading of solidarity trucks for Valencia.
Solidarity trucks of "Onda Pesquera" listeners for Valencia.


Madrid, May 10, 1984 Diario 16:

“Diario 16 awards its Laurel to Jesús Ferreiro, Director of Onda Pesquera, for his magnificent radio coverage of the French attack on the two Spanish fishing boats.

Jesús Ferreiro has been the conductor of a great journalistic adventure which has served to perfectly follow the sad news and also to know in all its details the perfidy of the gabacho””.


 Madrid, 21st May 1984. SPANISH TELEVISION:

José María Iñigo gives a live interview to Jesús Ferreiro after a French Navy patrol boat strafed two Spanish fishing boats.



Madrid, 12 December 1984 Agencia EFE:

The crew of the “Izarra” motor vessel hand over a plaque to Jesús Ferreiro “in appreciation of the work done in his Onda Pesquera programme to obtain his release”.


Vigo / Coruña, 7th September 1985. TVGA:

Technical file: “Costeira Galega”.

– Direction: Xesús Ferreiro

– Presentation: Queca Merino

– Production: TVG

– Produced by: Pedro Amalio López



On the High Sea, 9th October 1985. Newspaper EL PAIS:

“Kidnapping of the Italian cruise ship “Achille Lauro”: ….. The uncertainty of the situation and the lack of reliable news, force the US government to maintain a policy of great prudence, supported by an almost total silence on the kidnapping.

Curiously, most of the information available, and used by the US and international press, is that provided by the Spanish radio programme “Onda Pesquera”, which is directed by Jesús Ferreiro”.

Acknowledgement letter from "Radio Frances" to Jesús Ferreiro.


Paris, 10 October 1985 Radio France:

M. Ferreiro, Jesus.

Director of Onda Pesquera.

San Sebastian. (Spain).

Director’s dossier:

From Radio France we wish to congratulate you for your journalistic work on the kidnapping of the Italian cruise ship “Achille Lauro”.

Your precise and contrasting news on this event allowed us, and hundreds of journalists from all over the world, to be able to inform our listeners, almost minute by minute, of everything that was happening on board this hijacked ship.

Congratulations on your excellent work which, with all due respect, raises the professional status of Spanish journalism.

Mr. Director, receive our warmest greetings and the offer of our sincere friendship.

H. Charpentier.


On the High Sea, October 15th, 1985 YA Newspaper:

. …during the 48 hours that the kidnapping of the Italian ship “Achille Lauro” lasted, in the editorial office of the programme Onda Pesquera of Cadena SER, more than a thousand telephone calls were received from the main media outlets around the world which, with the patience of a saint, Jesús Ferreiro and his second in command, Soraya Kerfi, attended to with admirable professionalism.


New York, 15 October 1985 ABC NEWS TV. USA:

“Dear Colleague:

Just a few lines to thank you, and all your team at “Onda Pesquera” for the great help you have given me in following up on the Italian cruise ship hijacking -Achille Lauro”.

Jesus, thanks to your extraordinary journalistic work, you have allowed us, the American TV channel ABC NEWS, to offer great news coverage of this event

Thank you Jesus and a greeting also to your excellent team.

Sandra de Muns.

Delegate of ABC NEWS TV”.


Madrid, 20th October 1985. ABC Newspaper:

“During the 43 hours that the hijacking of the Italian ship “Achille Lauro” lasted, a total of 2,483 telephone calls were received at the communications chamber of the “Onda Pesquera” programme on Cadena SER from the main media outlets around the world.

Among the most important news items published in recent days on the kidnapping of the “Achille Lauro”, I would like to highlight all those provided by the Onda Pesquera” programme, including the first communication sent by the captain of the “Achille Lauro” on board his ship, confirming the hijacking of his ship.

Thanks and congratulations to Jesús Ferreiro and all his team who, in front of the most important media from all over the world, have shown an exceptional category of excellent journalists”.


Washington (USA) 25 October 1985. EFE Agency:

“On behalf of the delegation of the EFE Agency in New York, of the radio news channel “Nuestras Noticias” UPI/EFE, we thank Jesús Ferreiro for his very valuable contribution during the crisis of the kidnapping of the Italian ship “Achille Lauro”.

His numerous reports and data, provided by telephone, allowed us to get ahead of other media and news agencies around the world.

We will always keep you in mind as an important source of information and we extend our help in any matter offered to you.

Yours sincerely.

Alberto García Marrder.

Delegate of the EFE Agency in Washington”.

Letter of recognition from the EFE Agency to Jesús Ferreiro.


Madrid, February 12, 1986. Newspaper 16:

“Jesús Ferreiro, director of the “Onda Pesquera” programme, received yesterday the “Seguritecnia Award”, for the best work on safety dissemination, carried out in a Spanish media”.


Vigo, 23 March 1986. Lighthouse of Vigo / La Voz de Galicia:

“The director of the “Onda Pesquera” programme, Jesús Ferreiro, was yesterday of a well-deserved tribute for his work in disseminating The work of the seafarers is highly recognised in all maritime environments.

At this event, José Silveira, president of the Remolcanosa Sea Rescue company, highlighted the great work of Jesús Ferreiro, who has contributed so much to making the problems of the men of the sea known. He then presented him with a Caravel of Plaza and a metope with the inscription:

“To Jesús Ferreiro, for his enormous work in favour of Maritime Rescue””

The event ended with a queimada”.

Jesus Ferreiro. For the victims of the Titanic.


Madrid, May 14th, 1986. EUROPA PRESS Agency:

“Jesús Ferreiro, journalist, and director of the radio programme “Onda Pesquera” receives the Diploma of Honour of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, from the Faculty of Information Sciences, the Spanish Naval League and the Directorate General of the Merchant Navy, for their participation, as a speaker, in the seminar “Information and the Sea”.


Madrid, 09 September 1986. EUROPYME magazine.

“Its voice is the umbilical cord that keeps the men of the sea united with the land, and it is also the critical and permanent conscience that forces us, on land, not to forget so easily that sailor army of Spaniards who, with no other weapons than their nets, and with no other support than their courage and expertise, plow the seas under the Spanish flag.

Jesús Ferreiro is the voice of the sea and for the sea. He has turned the microphones of “Onda Pesquera SER” into an outpost of the sea inland.

Every day, from the microphones, he makes the whole dream of his life come true: to live for the sea, for that sea with saltpetre and iodine of Galicia that greeted his birth, that sea in which several generations of Ferreiros dropped anchor””…………………

Interview with Jesús Ferreiro on the occasion of the release of the fishing boat Enrique de Aguinaga. SER chain. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Collection in favour of the Galician fishing boat "Volverán".
Fishing boat "Volverán".


Malpica (La Coruña), 07 February 1987. Newspaper LA VOZ DE GALICIA:

“” Official communiqué from the Fishermen’s Association of Malpica: “José Manuel Vila Pérez, secretary of the Fishermen’s Association of Malpica de Bergantiños (La Coruña), CERTIFIES:

That, at the Ordinary Monthly Meeting of the Council of the Fishermen’s Association of Malpica, held on 15 November 1986, the Agreement was adopted, which, transcribed literally, reads “6. Other general agreements, A: The Secretary reports to the Chapter that, as a result of the shipwreck of the fishing boat “VOLVERAN”, in the Port of Son, in which 5 sailors died, campaigns to help their families were launched from various fronts. Amongst these initiatives is that of Jesús Ferreiro, director of Onda Pesquera of the Cadena Ser, who, through his radio programme managed to raise, in a short period of time, more than 8,500,000. Pesetas, for the widows and orphans, and which were already given to the Brotherhood of the Port of Son.

On the other hand, the defence of the men of the sea, their problems and their needs, through this radio programme, is constant. For this work, it is proposed to the Cabildo that they send Jesús Ferreiro, director of Onda Pesquera, the recognition and congratulations of the Cabildo for the work carried out in defence of the people of the sea.

The Town Council unanimously agrees to give written testimony to Jesús Ferreiro, director of the SER’s Onda Pesquera programme, of the official recognition of this Brotherhood”.


Madrid, February 19, 1987. EUROPA PRESS Agency:

“The President of the Spanish Red Cross, Leocadio Marín: yesterday, he gave Jesús Ferreiro, in the central studios of Cadena SER, a plaque with the following inscription “Thanks to Jesús Ferreiro, director of Onda Pesquera, of Cadena SER, for the donation of 2,200,000 pesetas collected from his radio programme for families in urgent financial need”.

Eugenio Galdón, director general of the SER, congratulated Jesús Ferreiro for carrying out, with skill, imagination and courage, his great journalistic and humanitarian work””.


Madrid, February 21, 1987. YA Newspaper

“The Prince of Asturias thanked Jesús Ferreiro for sending more than 3,000 congratulations recorded on Onda Pesquera’s answering machine, on the occasion of his 19th birthday””, which the Prince celebrated on the high seas””


Bilbao, April 14, 1988: El País newspaper.

At a ceremony presided over by José Ignacio Espel, Vice-Minister of Fisheries of the Basque Government, in which various regional authorities were present, as well as the Director of the Bilbao International Fair Juan Garaiyurrebaso, a plaque was presented to Jesús Ferreiro:

“For his journalistic style, free, brave and independent, which helps so much, not only the seafarers, but also the naval industry and this International Fair”.


Friday, May 20th, 1988. LA VOZ DE GALICIA Newspaper:

The Local Assembly of the Red Cross of the Sea of La Coruña, officially thanks Jesús Ferreiro for the donation of 3.292.628. pesetas, collected among the listeners of his programme “Onda Pesquera”, and destined to the widow of the member of the Red Cross of the Sea, José Ramón Taracido, who died during the rescue works of the merchant ship “Mitera Sotiria”, washed up on the beach of Bens in A Coruña.”


Marín, June 14th, 1988. EL FARO DE VIGO newspaper:

“For his courage, honesty and generosity in his daily struggle, through its “Onda Pesquera” programme The Town Hall of Marín, at the service and help of the great family of the sea, has named Jesús Ferreiro as the town’s town crier for its Fiestas Mayores””.


Calpe, June 16, 1988: INFORMATION Diary:

“The Fishermen’s Guild of Calpe awards its gold and diamond insignia to Jesús Ferreiro, director of Onda Pesquera, for defending the interests of the people of the sea and our families”.

Act of handing over to Jesús Ferreiro the gold and shiny insignia of the "Cofradía de Pescadores de Calpe".
Jesús Ferreiro in his office in Barcelona


Madrid, February 22, 1989. LECTURAS Magazine

“Jesús Ferreiro, a journalist with a brilliant career, has always been a man interested in sea issues.

Creator and director of different radio and television programmes always dedicated to the world of the sea.

An excellent journalist, with a calm character, he is, without any doubt, a beacon in the darkness of the men and women who live, suffer, but above all, love to lick.

That is “great reserve” journalism.

Congratulations comrade.

Chelo García-Cortés””


Coruña, 29th April 1989. EL IDEAL GALLEGO newspaper:

“Jesus Ferreiro, the Galician journalist director of “Onda Pesquera”, gave yesterday, in Fisterra, a donation of one million and a half pesetas, to the two widows of the fishermen who were shipwrecked off the coast of Fisterra.

The missing fishermen, crew members of the vessel “Rey”, are Jesús Santamaría, 25 years old, father of a child of eleven months, and Ramón Papín, 29 years old, father of a child of sixteen months.

The two widows, Purificación Gómez and María Fátima, neighbours of Fisterra, thanked all the listeners of the popular programme for the help they have given them”.


Avilés, 8th September 1989. The Voice of Avilés:

“The Cofradía de la Buena Mesa distinguishes Jesús Ferreiro, director and creator of the programme “Onda Pesquera” with its main prize, the “Azulejo de la Buena Xente”, “”for his merits throughout an exemplary and long journalistic career especially dedicated to the people of the sea””.


Candás, 10 September 1989. Newspaper LA NUEVA ESPAÑA:

“With an improvised proclamation, which the inhabitants of the fishing village of Candás will never forget, the journalist Jesús Ferreiro, director of the radio programme “Onda Pesquera”, began the festivities of the Christ of Candás yesterday.

The cultural centre could not accommodate all those who wanted to listen to Jesús Ferreiro live, so loudspeakers had to be installed in the street.

The opening speech ended with the intervention of the singer-songwriter Pipo Prendes””.


J. González Menéndez.

Vigo, 26 November 1989. “ATLANTICO DIARIO”

“He took Jesús Ferreiro, and did with poor Aznar, for a few hours, what Fraga had been doing for a few months: “shipping him off”.

Jesús Ferreiro is that man who accompanies fishermen every morning, like Encarna Sánchez, who at night accompanied the truckers, and has managed to make the sea come to us, flooding our dreams, which in this country that lives with its back to the ocean, is as difficult as if the mountain had once gone to Mohammed.

Apparently, Aznar has put up with the kind of thing, he says, and between three-metre waves, with his stomach swinging from port to starboard, as if it were really an election programme, he has had enough sense of humour to announce to us that very soon he will have a house in Madrid, on the road to A Coruña, as you enter the capital on the right, he, of course.

José María Aznar has already tried to get a flat in Madrid, and you can see how difficult it will be for him, as it is for hundreds of thousands of Spaniards, who have begun to find it easier to get a palace at La Moncloa, although the stubborn entrails of the geese in the polls are determined to predict the opposite.

The fact is that, within two months, Aznar has been “shipped out” twice. In other words, in addition to Jesús Ferreiro, he was also taken on board by Manuel Fraga, in mid-August, when he made him get on board that ship adrift which we still call Genoa Street. You know that, as they say in my country, surrounded by sea everywhere except for the one that links him to the State, where there is a “patron” there is no sailor, and in calle Genova they have been calling that old Galician man whom the rest of us call the old lion of Villalba “The patron” for years.

Man, if that’s the case, then Aznar, who joined up at the last minute, when the winds were less favourable, to take the helm of the Spanish right wing a few months after the electoral “Eurotempest” of 15 July, is not a “ship”, may God come down and see.

Aznar is that 36-year-old boy who will be playing his next thirty-sixth game on 29-0. He had been on “dry land” for three years, in the Community of Castilla-León, and in just one night he was given the title of fishing skipper, of votes, naturally, of the Spanish right wing, and they left in his hands the bitter chalice of writing the next pages of the logbook in Genoa Street, which was plagued with mudslides on the reefs of the ballot boxes.

Jesús Ferreiro has already warned that the boy has endured the kind in the waters of the Mare Nostrum, amidst raging waves that looked like Alfonso Guerra’s spittle in the middle of the electoral storm, and that, instead of vomiting bile, like his entourage, he continued to vomit slogans, word! like a successful sea lion’s apprentice.

Perhaps Josémari Aznar is too hardened to navigate through turbulent waters. That you resist the storms of the Mediterranean as much as the storms that are generated in Genoa street every “day after” an election. Of course, there are no precedents, especially not on the Spanish right, but perhaps, for once, and without any precedent, where there is a “skipper”, he will end up sending a “sailor”.

Be careful: Aznar, who, according to Jesús Ferreiro, does not get seasick, has set sail”.

J. González Menéndez.

Everyone was invited, but José Maria Aznar was the only leader and candidate who agreed to go on board a fishing boat as a crew member.

He spent a day accompanying Jesús Ferreiro and sharing the work on board a ship from Malaga.


Valencia, 8th February 1990. Las Provincias Newspaper:

“Lorenzo Vidal, founder and director of El Vedat School, in Torrente (Valencia) gives, for the first time, his highest recognition, the reproduction of the image of the Virgin of Good Sailing, to the journalist Jesús Ferreiro, for his work in defence of the good people of the sea”.


Lepe, 28 February 1990. EUROPA PRESS Agency:

“With the hall full of people, and with many people in the street, listening through loudspeakers, and organised by the Town Hall of Lepe, Jesús Ferreiro, director of the “Onda Pesquera” programme that all our sailors at sea, and their families at home, listen to every day, gives the conference: “Communication at sea””.

The Lepe Town Hall, as “”Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of Andalusian Autonomy, presided over the inauguration of the Monument to the Sailor.

The sailors of Lepe, grateful for the brilliant and useful informative work, handed over a plaque to Jesús Ferreiro Rúa, director and creator of Onda Pesquera, of the COPE chain, as a sign of gratitude from the fishing sector and its workers””.

Programme of events around the inauguration of the "Monument to the Sailor" by Jesús Ferreiro


Vigo, 25 May 1990: EL CORREO GALLEGO newspaper:

“During the morning magazine “Protagonistas”, which was broadcast yesterday from Vigo, Jesús Ferreiro, director of the programme “Onda Pesquera” gave, through the Banco Bilbao, 50 million pesetas, collected by his radio programme, to the children orphans of the sea, whose parents lost their lives in maritime accidents.

The collection, among the listeners of his programme, was opened by the Galician journalist last February with the aim of collecting one million pesetas for each orphan and, thanks to the solidarity of his listeners and the credibility of Ferreiro, in less time than expected he has managed to collect the 50 million, which will be distributed among the children of those who died at sea and the crew of the boats: “Nuevo Nautilus”; “Velasco”; “Panchita Reina del Mar”; “Castletown”; “Baitin”; “Angelito”; “Alicante”; “Gamela”; “Teide”; “Nuevo Elvira”; “Fortuna”; “Vilachán”; “Playa do Santo do Mar” and “José Dolores”, all based in different Spanish ports”””

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Vigo, 26 May 1990. Diario Atlántico:

“OROS: Jesús Ferreiro was touched and we were all touched by his memory of the people of the sea.

He is a great radio professional who has always been by the side of the sailors and their families, and yesterday he proved it with great success in the programme of Luís del Olmo “Protagonistas”.

His “Onda Pesquera” is an example of professionalism. Jesus is a good and generous Galician to die for”.


Cudillero, June 5th 1990: LA NUEVA ESPAÑA newspaper:

“Jesús Ferreiro receives the “I Curadillo de Oro”, a national award that rewards the work of people and institutions in favour of seafood and the world of the sea.The Jury chose Jesús Ferreiro “for his intense dedication to the themes of the sea, whose interests he defends, day after day, with efficiency and communication capacity, in his prestigious programme “Onda Pesquera”.

The prize is awarded in the Asturian town of Cudillero.

6th September 1997:

This is the list of all the award-winning personalities:

First (1990) Jesús Ferreiro.

Second (1991) Miguel de la Cuadra Salcedo.

Third (1992) Tico Medina.

Fourth (1993) Juan Pardo.

Fifth (1994) H.R.H. The Prince of Asturias D. Felipe de Borbón.

Sixth (1995) Ramón Sánchez Ocaña.

Seventh (1996) Manuel Martín Ferrand.

Eighth. (1997) Oviedo Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation.


“Every day at six o’clock in the morning, the COPE channel begins its programme with ONDA PESQUERA. This space, directed by Jesús Ferreiro, was born on the same day as the opening of Radio Popular de San Sebastián and its main virtue is its credibility and service. In addition to offering, in a real first, any news that takes place at sea, it provides important social services to the most needy families in the fishing sector, achieving, with its way of doing radio, the interest in the topics of the sea to listeners who do not even know it. Onda Pesquera is, above all, a humane but at the same time courageous programme, always committed to the defence of the men of the sea and their families. An authentic professional and human effort which has made Onda Pesquera COPE one of the most awarded programmes both nationally and internationally. And in addition to the more than thirty prizes awarded to Jesús Ferreiro and his programme, this new national award called CURADILLO DE ORO has now been added. The aim is to thank Jesús Ferreiro, as stated in the minutes of the Jury, “for his intense dedication to seafaring issues, whose interests he defends, day after day, with efficiency and communication skills, in his programme Onda Pesquera broadcast by Cadena COPE”.


Madrid, 25 October 1990. PONTEVEDRA NEWSPAPER:

“The film director Luís García Berlanga; the president of the High Court of Justice Clemente Auger; the writer Manuel Vicent; the president of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce Adrián Pîera; the president of “Expansión” Juan Pablo Villanueva; the writer Antonio de Senillosa; the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation Angel María Villar; the Managing Director of the Insurance Information Centre Manuel Maestro and the president of UNESPA Félix Mansilla, made up the Jury that awarded the “Seguro Defensa del Mar 1990” Prize to the journalist Jesús Ferreiro, director of “Onda Pesquera”, as “recognition of the work of the most outstanding Spaniards in each of their specialities””.


Valencia, 15 March 1991. LAS PROVINCIAS Newspaper:

“A total of 1,103 messages have been sent by the “Onda Pesquera” programme to Spanish sailors in the Persian Gulf area.”

The Spanish seafarers, crew members of the vessels “Santa María”, “Victoria”, “Numancia”, “and “Infanta Cristina” thanked Jesús Ferreiro for sending them the messages from their families and sent him a photograph dedicated by the whole crew of the frigate “Santa María”. ( Photographic Doc. ).


Almeria, 13 June 1991. LA VOZ DE ALMERIA newspaper:

“Solidarity with the widow and children of José Salmerón, a fisherman from Almería who was shot dead by an Algerian patrol boat last week, has resulted in more than two million pesetas being raised by the journalist Jesús Ferreiro in his programme “Onda Pesquera”.

The donation from the listeners of this popular programme, which is so concerned with the people of the sea, was handed over yesterday to María Escamez, wife of the deceased fisherman”.

Moroccan patrol boat in port. Casablanca.
Recognition by the Spanish Navy of Jesús Ferreiro's career.


Madrid, 21 June 1991. EFE Agency

Madrid: The Gulf War and the Spanish Navy: ( Agencia EFE): Plaque from the Public Relations Office of the ARMY GENERAL HEADQUARTERS “To Jesús Ferreiro, director of Onda Pesquera, a constant fighter in favour of bringing together the crews of the “Agrupación Bravo” ships and their families, during their participation in the Persian Gulf War”.


Castelló de Empuries, 11 February 1994.

On this date and before the Notary Public of Castelló de Empuries, Jesús Ferreiro founded the Independent Municipal Group (GRIM).


Castelló de Empuries, 09 August 1994. GIRONA NEWSPAPER:

“The Independent Municipal Group (Grim) was a candidate led by the communication professional Jesús Ferreiro, currently president of the Iberia Communication Group.

Ferreiro is a close collaborator of the radio journalist Luís del Olmo, in the Onda Cero Radio chain and previously director of Onda Pesquera, one of the most popular programmes among fishing and sea professionals”.

To support Jesús Ferreiro, they visited Castelló de Empuries, as well as Luís del Omo, Lorenzo Quinn (son of the mythical actor Antonny Quinn); Alexandra Cousteau (daughter of Philippe Cousteau); Rafael Lobeto (General Director of the Merchant Navy)………

Constitution of the GRIM (Independent Municipal Group)


Cordoba, 23 February 1997. Cordoba and Girona press:

“More than 20,000 people filled the municipal stadium of El Arcangel to, in addition to collaborating economically in helping Maria de los Angeles’ two children, Elena and Rafael, one of the two murdered policemen, who was a widow, and the only one with children.

The murder of the young municipal police officers, María de los Ángeles García and María Soledad Muñoz, was carried out by an international gang of robbers, and took place on 18 December last.

The match, organised by Jesús Ferreiro, Councillor of the Castelló D’Empuries Town Hall, was played between a team made up of municipal police from Castelló and Córdoba, against another team made up of famous TV personalities, journalists and bullfighters, who were “reinforced” as goalkeepers by the Minister of Labour, Javier Arenas.

The total amount collected, 21,000,000 pesetas, was given to the families of the two murdered policemen.

The party, which was won by the police officers, who were better prepared physically, 4-2, was presided over by the Minister of the Interior, Jaime Mayor Oreja.

Plaque from Cordoba City Council:

“In gratitude to Jesús Ferreiro Rúa, Councillor of Castelló D’Empuries Town Council (Girona), for organising the football match as a tribute to the municipal police of Cordoba, Marisol and Mª Ángeles, who were killed when trying to prevent a robbery in the capital of Cordoba.

The football match, between journalists, bullfighters, politicians and municipal police from Córdoba and Castelló D’Empuries, completely filled the Arcángel Stadium, which was loaned by Córdoba C.F. and all the proceeds were given to the families of the two murdered policemen”.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Norma Duval was the godmother of the football match.


Castelló D’Empuries, 9th April 1999: DIARIO DE GIRONA:

“Carmen Barceló, wife of Xavier Sanllehí, Mayor of Castelló de Empuries, “baptizes / inaugurates” the first exhibition of the Titanic built in Europe, “Expo Titanic”, a small exhibition, designed by the journalist Jesús Ferreiro, in Ampuriabrava , occupying the 369 square meters of a space, on the edge of the channels of this Marina Residencia, where, for the first time, “the true history of the Titanic” is told”

Opening of the first Titanic exhibition in Europe, built by Jesús Ferreiro.


Southampton, 02 March 2006, Titanic Official Website:

“It was not a blind date, but almost. I knew her face but she had no idea what I looked like. Naturally I was nervous. This was not my first date, but I have to say that – certainly – it was a “very special” one. I was set to meet an English lady to enjoy an evening at her side in her own home. I had travelled over 2000 kilometres by plane to meet her, but I was sure that the trip would be worthwhile. The meeting was arranged through a mutual friend, a Swedish historian from Stockholm. I will tell you the story later, but first let me say that it was an unforgettable evening. I think for both of us.

We arrived at his door at the appointed time, with British punctuality. It was half past nine in the morning in the first week of March. The gardens were covered with snow, the thermometers were 4 degrees below zero, but I confess that I didn’t feel cold but nervous. Naturally, I had a bouquet of flowers in my hand and a smile on my lips. I knocked on the door. The person who opened the door told us that Millvina was “getting ready” with a natural feminine flirtation. Very diplomatically we were “invited for a walk” and returned in 30 minutes. So we did. And then yes, there I found her…………

Full interview at:



Granada, 20 December 2006. EUROPA PRESS Agency:

The largest coupon ever made in the long history of the Spanish National Organisation for the Blind (ONCE), measuring 12 by 7 metres, has been dedicated to the Titanic and presented by Jesús Ferreiro.

In the Parque de las Ciencias in Granada, where it was presented to the media, it went on sale, a few minutes before the rest of Spain, for the special draw on 12th January, with an extraordinary prize of SIX MILLION EUROS.

The first of these coupons, whose sale has just begun at the Once kiosk installed at the entrance to the Parque de las Ciencias, in Granada, was acquired by Jesús Ferreiro, Director of Titanic, who thanked Once for having dedicated a special draw to the Titanic, an event that is taking place for the first time, both in the history of the Titanic and of Once.

There will be 23,000 points of sale throughout Spain where it will be possible to acquire, from today, the coupons for this extraordinary draw of the coupon dedicated to the Titanic.

Presentation of the Once coupon dedicated to the Titanic. Jesus Ferreiro.


Madrid, 12 February 2007.

With the purpose of keeping alive the stories of the Titanic, and above all, those of the people who embarked on it, the Foundation was born Titanic, which, under the presidency of Jesús Ferreiro, is not only concerned that the world does not forget this dramatic story, but that, through it, the safety of human life at sea is improved, the quality of life of seafarers and their families is enhanced, and the authorities are reminded of their obligations to conserve the marine environment.


Springfiel , 21 February 2007. Springfiel (Illinois / USA)

A group of people, mostly Americans, but of many nationalities, founded the Organization For America, with the sole purpose of supporting the young Senator Barack Obama in his campaign for the presidency of the USA.

From where they worked intensely on the dissemination of the main campaigns of the young presidential candidate. At present, work continues, although the Organization For America has been renamed Obama For America.

Titanic Foundation's logo.
Barack Obama.


Washington, June 22, 2010

From: Barack Obama.  To: Jesus Ferreiro

Washington, June 22, 2010  (Automatic translation)

“Dear Jesus

When you and I began this journey, more than three years ago, we knew that our struggles would be long to build a new vision for this country, against the special interests that some people had generated in its favour.

Today it is clear that we have managed to change the special interests of some people for the general interest.

This morning I signed the Act that represents the most dramatic reforms on Wall Street since the Great Depression, making consumer financial protections the strongest they have ever been in our nation. I know that I have been able to sign this Act thanks to the ten thousand volunteers who make up the backbone of this movement, overcoming, with their great work and effort, the effect of the most powerful announcements that have tried, with other interests, to make this Act impossible.

Our opponents, especially the Republicans and their allies, have set their sights on the November elections as their best opportunity to overturn the historic progress we have achieved together.

The “Organization for America” has supporters like you to work and defend the change we are making and need.

Because the reform of Wall Street we have made ensures that Americans who apply for a credit card, a mortgage or a student loan, will never again have to put their signature underneath a page of tiny, confusing print. We will be vigilant that no entity includes abusive practices in its loans to citizens and we will also be very vigilant to prevent, and punish if they occur, abuse and deception by lenders. We will be a watchdog to enforce all the rights that protect the consumer.

We will also put an end to urgent evictions, giving consumers the ability to seek help from any financial institution that defends their interests.

The step we have taken in reforming Wall Street is at the forefront of the reform we seek, and will provide a stronger and more secure economy.

But today’s victory is not where our struggle ends.

The “Organization for America”, to which you belong, and I with you, will move in the months ahead to continue our work, which is much and will be hard, though cynics say that after the election it will be our downfall. This movement, of which you are a part, has never supplied the conventional wisdom of Washington, because we have always fought to ensure that America’s progress is never held hostage to politics.

You and I are not part of this movement to win an election. We did not work together to pass a single piece of this legislation. We are working together for nothing less than a better life in our country, and that work does not end here. We have to face the challenges that will come our way and I am confident that I have you by my side.

Thank you for helping me.

President Barack Obama.

Washington, June 22, 2010″”


Candás (Asturias), 17 June 2007. EL COMERCIO newspaper:

Jesús Ferreiro, as president of the Titanic Foundation, UNESCO and Salvamento Marítimo, receives the Scroll of the Association of Friends of the Philippe Cousteau Anchor Museum, for his work in defence of the people of the sea and the environment”.


Valencia, 02 July 2007. City of Arts and Sciences.

Carmen Cervera, Baroness Thyssen, accompanied by her son and girlfriend, visited the exhibition of the Titanic installed in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

Jesús Ferreiro received the illustrious visitors and acted as guide during the visit to the exhibition by Carmen Cervera and her companions, who were deeply moved by the stories of the passengers and crew of the Titanic that are told in detail in the exhibition.

ALBERT VARILLE / “ONCE UPON A TIME THE MAN                                                                                             Paris, 10 December 2007 ALBERT VARILLE:

In a charming meeting, in his centrally located office in the French capital, Albert Varillé, the brilliant author of “Once upon a time, there was a man…” one of his most watched series on televisions around the world, and Jesús Ferreiro, president of Musealia, sign an agreement for the famous author to collaborate in the new “Human Bodies” exhibition.



Stockholm, Sweden, 29 June 2009. Press Titanic:

Lena Adelshon inaugurated the macro exhibition of the Titranic in the Swedish capital in whose act I proclaim:

“It is an honour, not only for this city of Stockholm, not only for our country, but for the Nordic countries, to be able to offer, in this incomparable frame, together with our majestic VASA Museum, this great exhibition that recreates,  in an admirable and emotional way, not only the history of the most famous of the shipwrecks, but also the history of the people who were on board, among which there were many Swedish citizens.

I would like to congratulate Jesús Ferreiro, president of the Spanish company Musealia, and all the people, Swedish and Spanish, who have collaborated in the assembly of this impressive exhibition. Today is an important day, and it is moving to see that, on this centenary quay, for the first time in the last hundred years, the flags of Spain and Sweden, twinned by two historic ships, the VASA and the Titanic, are flying together. Thank you very much””.

Jesús Ferreiro thanked Lena Adelshon for her words and was proud and excited to be able to offer this exhibition to the Swedish public and to the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit Stockholm in the summer. He highlighted the satisfaction that the presence of the exhibition was the reason why the flags of Sweden and Spain were raised together, and thanked the Swedish authorities for the privileged place chosen for the exhibition, a royal pavilion, next to the most visited museum in Sweden, VASA.


Valladolid, 13th March 2008: EL NORTE DE CASTILLA newspaper:

Today, in the Science Museum of Valladolid, directed by José Antonio Gil Varona, the exhibition “Cuerpos Humanos / La exposición de TU VIDA” (Human bodies / The exhibition of YOUR LIFE) is inaugurated, which, using real human bodies and organs, becomes the most didactic and spectacular exhibition in the world, offering, to all the public, a class of Human Anatomy as it could never have been dreamt.

Jesús Ferreiro, director of this exhibition and president of the Musealia Group, the company that owns this exhibition, has declared that the reason why this exhibition “was born” in our city is because it was the University of Valladolid where human anatomy classes were first given.

Francois Hollande, President of the French Republic.FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE

Paris, 30 October 2012. Palais de l’Élysée.

In a kind letter, sent from the Elysée Palace, the President of the French Republic, François Hollande, thanks Jesús Ferreiro, President of the Titanic Foundation, for his kindness in appointing him as an Honorary Patron of the Foundation.

H.M. Elizabeth II, Queen of England and Northern Ireland.S,M, THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND: ELIZABET II

London, 13 February 2013: Buckingham Palace:

H.M. The Queen of England and Northern Ireland, Elizabeth II, accepts “with great pleasure” her appointment as Patron of Honour of the Titanic Foundation, and makes this known in a loving letter sent to Jesús Ferreiro, President of the Foundation.


London, 09 February 2013. Natural History Museum:

With the attendance of 400 people, among them the president of the Titanic Foundation and the president of the Enrique Gran Foundation, as “special guests”, the Australian businessman Clive Palmer presented his project for the construction of the “TITANIC II”

The Australian multimillionaire, professor Clive Palmer, during the presentation dinner in Europe, Natural History Museum, closed to the public for the celebration of this event, of the presentation of the plans of what will be the TITANIC II, in the Natural History Museum of London, and more concretely in the great room of the Dinosaurs, where the gala dinner was celebrated, Clive Palmer personally thanks Jesús Ferreiro for his appointment as Honorary Patron of the Titanic Foundation.

The event ended with these words from Clive Palmer: “I am proud to offer this presentation in such a magnificent setting as the Natural History Museum in London, in this room where we are accompanied by this the only specimen of Dinosaur -Diplodocus found in the Tagua Lagoon, in Chile, more than one hundred years ago. Furthermore, I am moved to remember that this extraordinary Natural History Museum was inaugurated on 18 April 1881, and on that very day, and at the same time, but in 1912, the 712 survivors of the Titanic arrived in New York”.

Barack Obama. President of the United States of America.BARACK OBAMA.

Washington, March 14, 2013: White House:

Barack Obama sends a letter to Jesús Ferreiro, dated in the White House, accepting “very pleased”, the appointment as Patron of Honor of the Titanic Foundation.


San Sebastian, 15th February 2014. Aquarium :

In a warm and affectionate letter to Jesús Ferreiro, the president of the San Sebastián Aquarium, and president of the Aquariums of Europe, Vicente Zaragüeta, accepts with pleasure the “honour and responsibility” of being named Patron of Honour of the Titanic Foundation.

Vicente Zaragüeta.


Granada, 13th February 2015. Science Park:

During a meeting held in the Granada Science Park, its creator and director Ernesto Páramo, personally confirmed to Jesús Ferreiro his acceptance and gratitude for being named Patron of Honour of the Titanic Foundation.

Ernesto Páramo.


Rome, 11 April 2015. Palace of Guglielmo Marconi:

In a simple and charming ceremony, presided over by Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of Guglielmo Marconi, in the Palace where the inventor of the radio died, his daughter, Princess Elettra Marconi de Giovanelli, receives, from the hands of Jesús Ferreiro, her appointment as Patron of Honour of the Titanic Foundation


Rome, 19 September 2015. Palazzo Guglielmo Marconi:

A commission of experts meets at Palazzo Marconi, on Via Condotti in Rome, to create, at the proposal of Jesús Ferreiro, the Universal Radio Museum at Palazzo Marconi in Bologna (Italy), where the inventor of the radio was born.

The meeting, chaired by Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of Guglielmo Marconi, was attended by: Livio Spinelli, art professor; Alfonso Farina, audiovisual media; Lodovigo Alessandre, architect; Marco Fracarolo, engineer; Simone de Martino, lawyer and Begoña Merino Gran, art director.

At the meeting, the European Commission was set up to create the Universal Museum of Radio Guglielmo Marconi. The Commission is chaired by Princess Elettra Marconi Giovenelli. Jesús Ferreiro, radio journalist and president of the Titanic Foundation, is appointed as vice-president and director of the project.

Professor Livio Spinelli is appointed coordinator of the Commission and Secretary General of the Commission.

Begoña Merino Gra, president of the Gran Foundation and director of art and exhibitions of the Titanic Foundation, is appointed as art director and economic coordinator.

The rest of the attendees, as executive members of the Commission, will each be responsible for the area corresponding to their professional specialisa


Granada, 24 February 2016. EFE Agency:

The largest model of the Titanic in the world, which has been built openly in front of visitors to the Parque de las Ciencias de Granada during the last year, will begin in the coming days, after today’s symbolic launch, a long journey for its exhibition.

The launch today in the Parque de las Ciencias, in which a bottle of Henri Abelé has been used, the same brand of champagne that was served on the legendary ocean liner 103 years ago, will give way to this travelling exhibition of this reproduction of the ship, according to what Jesús Ferreiro, president of the Titanic Foundation and author of the initiative, explained during the ceremony.

The largest Titanic in the world.
Opening of the exhibition of the Titanic Foundation "TITANIC:The Reconstruction". Granada Science Park. President of the Provincial Council and Mayor of Granada. Director of the Granada Science Park and President of the Titanic Foundation. Granada, 2015.


Barcelona, 15th June 2017: Vessel “SANTA EULALIA

On board the ship “Santa Eulalia”, from the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, and with the presence of the Director General of the Merchant Navy, the President of the Port Authority of Barcelona, the Secretary General of the Titanic Foundation and other maritime personalities, ENRIQUE LOPEZ VEIGA, President of the Port Authority of Vigo, receives, from the hands of Jesús Ferreiro, the diploma as new Honorary Patron of the Titanic Foundation.

Francisco López Veiga.


Gijón, January 12, 2018. Jovellanos Athenaeum:

Within the framework of the incomparable Ateneo Jovellanos of the city of Gijón, and after a brief conference/colloquium by Jesús Ferreiro, President of the Titanic Foundation, José Lopez Cortés, President of Bathco, the company from Santander that reconstructed the Titanic Basins, received, from the hands of the Patron of the Titanic Foundation, Germán López Madrid, the diploma as the new Patron of Honour of the Titanic Foundation.

Nomination de Jesús Ferreiro comme parrain d'honneur de la Fondation Philippe Cousteau "Union des océans". L'amiral Gabriel Portal et Jesús Ferreiro.


This appointment recognizes the long career of the cormelan and his dedication to the sea

Madrid, 15 August 2019. THE VOICE OF GALICIA:

“Jesús Ferreiro, current president of the Titanic Foundation, has just been named Honorary Patron of the Philippe Cousteau Foundation. This outstanding appointment recognizes the long journalistic career of the cormelan, dedicated exclusively to the world of the sea through his program “Onda Pesquera”. He is also awarded for his humanitarian aid to the people of the sea””.

The previous appointments were made by:

Agustín Menéndez Prendes-Santarúa- Founding President.

Eduardo Peña Abizanda. Ambassador of Spain.

Janine Cousteau. Widow of Philippe Cousteau.

Alexandra Cousteau. Daughter of Philippe Cousteau.


Manacor, 09 December 2020. “Rafa Nadal Academy”:

In the year 2012, when the first centenary of the Titanic tragedy was celebrated, the Foundation that bears his name decided to create a Board of Honour made up of personalities from all over the world, who as well as having a direct relationship with the history of the Titanic, were faithful in their behaviour to the legend that presided over life on board the “ship of dreams”: HONOUR AND GLORY ABOVE TIME”.

The new Patrons of Honour, Rafa Nadal and Luís del Olmo, received from the hands of the President of the Titanic Foundation, Jesús Ferreiro, in the central hall of the “Xperiencia Museo Rafa Nadal” the corresponding plaques accrediting their titles as Patrons of Honour, with Enrique López Veiga, President of the Vigo Port Authority and also Patron of Honour, as witness.

In this way, the names of Rafa Nadal and Luís del Olmo, join those of H.M. the Queen of England and Northern Ireland, H.M. Elisabeth II; the Ex-President of the French Republic, François Hollande; the Ex-President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to form part of the Board of Trustees, together with Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of Guillermo Marconi; Clive Palmer; Vicente Zaragüeta; Ernesto Páramo; Enrique López Veiga and José López Cortés”.

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Nomination de Luis del Olmo et Rafael Nadal comme parrains honoraires de la Fondation Titanic. Enrique López Veiga, Rafael Nadal, Jesús Ferreiro et Luis del Olmo.
Nomination de Luis del Olmo et Rafael Nadal comme parrains honoraires de la Fondation Titanic. Enrique López Veiga, Rafael Nadal, Jesús Ferreiro et Luis del Olmo.