Foundation’s Board of Trustees

Although people outside of any Foundation tend to think that it is only made up of its patrons (and this is due to the image offered by most foundations), we do not want this to happen with the Titanic Foundation, because the Titanic is part of the history of the whole world and from the Foundation we are going to work so that this image continues to be relevant.

We know that the patrons are responsible for the activities of our Foundation, however when we are asked who we are, we can only answer that we are many millions of people who, all over the world, are “embarked” on the memory of the Titanic, trying to make possible what was well symbolised by the painting that presided over the great staircase of the “ship of dreams”: “HONOUR AND GLORY WILL ALWAYS BE ABOVE TIME”.

We are people who have fought, and we will continue to do so, so that, every day, the quality of life and the safety of the people of the sea will improve notably, that is to say, so that their honour and glory will always survive the passage of time, and so that we will protect, together, the marine environment.

In this sense, the Titanic Foundation has developed, during the last few years, an intense work to maintain alive the memory of the Titanic and the commitments that we acquired when creating this Foundation.

To the patrons of the Titanic Foundation it is especially gratifying to be able to express our recognition to all the people who, from all over the world, support and encourage us to be able to fulfil the obligations that we have voluntarily acquired, especially to all those who have joined us as members of the great family of the Titanic Foundation.


Mr. Jesús Ferreiro Rúa. President.
Journalist, creator of the most successful radio and television programmes dedicated to the world of the sea.
Mr. Germán López Madrid. Vice President.
Senior advisor of Volvo Car Corporation and former president of Volvo Car España.
Mr. Rafael Lobeto Lobo. General Secretary.
Former Director General of the Spanish Merchant Navy, creator and first President of SASEMAR (Sociedad Estatal de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima Integral) and of CESEMI Jovellanos in Gijón.

Founding Trustees:

Mr. Jesús Ferreiro Rúa
Mr José Antonio Múgica Goicoetxea
Mr. Rafael Lobeto Lobo


. President: Jesús Ferreiro Rúa
. Vice-President: Germán López Madrid
. General Secretary: Rafael Lobeto Lobo
. Art Director: Begoña Merino Gran
. Head of Protocol and PR: Raquel Fernández Cruz
. IT services: Paginasweb.Tech