Mission and Objectives

Titanic in Queenstown.

When, many years ago, we thought about the creation of the Titanic Foundation, we wanted, above all, to watch over the historical memory of the maritime shipwreck, not only the most mediatic in universal history, but also the catastrophe that has contributed most to the continuous updating of maritime rescue methods and the safety of human life at sea.

Therefore, we set out to explain to the rest of the world what the causes of this shipwreck were and what led to the deaths of 1,495 people.

In the Titanic Foundation we have a very clear idea of our important mission and its beneficial consequences, if we know how to transfer, to the rest of society, but above all to all the people related to the world of the sea, our knowledge, our love, admiration and respect for what, throughout the world, is known as “the ship of dreams”.

This is the philosophy that inspires our Foundation, in which all the actions aimed at keeping the history of the Titanic and of the 2,207 people who embarked on it alive and always up to date with information are contemplated, thus helping to deepen the cultural wealth of its entire environment.

For the development of this important mission, among other international events, the Foundation collaborates intensely in the international macro-exhibition “TITANIC: The Reconstruction” (one of the most mediatic travelling exhibitions in the world), which represents, without any doubt, the most effective tool to develop our commitment with society. This commitment obliges us to try, with all our means, to ensure that today’s society, and those that will follow, are aware of and respectful towards the safety of human life at sea and the marine environment.

But, for the development of our commitment, we do not only use the exhibition, but we also organise conferences, competitions, commemorative acts of the shipwreck, meetings of families of passengers and crew members of the Titanic, etc.

In this way, the achievement of all the objectives that we have set ourselves, undoubtedly responds to our desire to improve, which always presides over our daily work, whose purpose, as you can well imagine after reading this writing, has, above all, the important mission of maintaining and propagating the historical and cultural knowledge of the tragedy experienced on board the “ship of dreams”, with the sole and exclusive purpose of helping to avoid further maritime tragedies, putting all our interest in saving human lives.

The legend (false legend) says that someone said: “Not even God can sink the Titanic, because it is an unsinkable ship”. I say to you, that although this legend is false, it is true, the Titanic has not sunk because, thanks to all the work of the Foundation, and of many more people and entities, the Titanic continues afloat, sailing in the hearts of millions of people all over the world…