The Titanic Foundation was created in 2006 with the main objective of managing and promoting the historical, maritime and human memory of the most mediatic and legendary shipwreck in world history: the R.M.S. Titanic, which, more than 100 years after its sinking, continues to be a legend.

In spite of the fact that there are numerous associations around the “ship of dreams”, the Titanic Foundation, with headquarters in Spain, is the only Foundation, without spirit of profit, dedicated to the protagonist of the human catastrophe that has contributed more to the update of the methods of maritime rescue and the security of the human life in the sea.

Likewise, research, education and culture are the tools with which the Titanic Foundation works at the service of history to keep alive the memory of the “ship of dreams”, a myth of science and technology, as well as to disseminate and promote respect for and defense of the environment of our coasts, seas and oceans, hence that all resources and media, both digital and otherwise, used by the Titanic Foundation are at the service of cultural and educational purposes in a permanent effort research in compliance with our founding purpose .

In the Titanic Foundation, we have very clear our important mission and the beneficial consequences of transferring our knowledge and our admiration and respect for the Titanic to society and, above all, to the people who dedicate their lives to the sea, knowing them, in first person, of the greatness, but also of the dangers, that it entails to set sail and to leave terra firma behind.

In order to fulfil our important mission, we have many tools at an international level, such as

.Organisation of competitions.
.Coordination of numerous events commemorating the shipwreck.
.Meetings of family members of passengers and crew of the Titanic.
.TITANIC THE RECONSTRUCTION; an emotive macro exhibition, that submerges the visitor in the life on board of the Titanic through objects, histories and real scenes. Thanks to it, more and more people from all over the planet are aware of and respectful towards the safety of human life at sea and the marine environment