Experts’ opinion

Naturally, we could say that “TITANIC: The Rconstruction” is the best exhibition ever produced about TITANIC. We could say that our exhibition presents the largest TITANIC in the world. Also that it is the first time that you can “live” the stories that happened on board, but told by their protagonists. We could even say that it is impossible to visit it without shedding some tears during the hour and a half that the view lasts, but NO, we do not want to say it, we want it to be said, not only by the thousands of visitors, but also by the expert journalists in exhibitions that have visited ours, and, therefore, here we present a small sample, very small, of “”THE EXPERT’S OPINION””, not without first highlighting the almost 85,000 visitors it received in just 9 days, a world record for a travelling exhibition, achieved by “TITANIC: The Reconstruction” during its stay in Portugal.

Around 85,000 visitors attended the exhibition “TITANIC: The Reconstruction”

“Diari de Tarragona”

……” “but, beyond the value of all these objects (the pieces on display together are worth around a million and a half euros) it is the human stories to which they give life that make this exhibition truly great and unique” “……

….” “Yes, ‘Titanic, The Reconstruction’ is much more than an exhibition, it is, above all, a unique opportunity to reconstruct what happened on that ship through the lives and testimonies of the survivors. It is a journey full of experiences, feelings, emotions, stories of love and heartbreak, of sadness… Of life”” (Alex Saldaña).


“It has been more than a century since the sinking of the Titanic, but the legend lives on. The largest model of the “ship of dreams” docks in Granada, where it has even been launched.

The piano of the Titanic sounds again. This time in Granada. We can walk through its galleries, see the famous staircase, enter its cabins and appreciate the differences between the first and third class exclusives………”


On this occasion, the transatlantic has once again been the focus of public attention, becoming “an important tourist attraction, with the economic and cultural benefit that this represents for Granada and its province”, added the President of the Granada Provincial Council. .

For the Science Park this has been a project of important educational value as it has dealt with issues such as scales and proportions, mathematical calculations and the properties and behaviour of different materials thanks to the live work on ………”


“A colossal model of the Titanic will preside over the exhibition that the Port of Tarragona is dedicating to the most famous of the ocean liners from 12th April to 22nd May. Twelve metres long, it measures the reproduction on a 1:30 scale of what, with little fortune, was christened “the indestructible ship”. Titanic, the reconstruction recovers the legend of the majestic ship, sunk in the early morning of 14th April 1912 after hitting an iceberg ………”

“Diario de León”:

¨El Thanks to the audio guides, the public will be able to enter the history of the most famous shipwreck of all times, listen to Millvina Dean, the last survivor of the Titanic, or contemplate the replica of the Marconi Cabin – “the GPS of the time”-, inaugurated by Princess Elettra Marconi, the inventor’s daughter”………….( VERÓNICA VIÑAS | León)

El Titanic emerge en León

“El Norte de Castilla”:

“A journey into history, legend and the world of dreams; those that were lost in the night where the noise became silence; a few hours of agony drowned by the North Atlantic; because, they say that the Titanic was the ship of dreams, and the exhibition shows that it really was””…………( r.fariñas-leonoticias )

León resucita la leyenda

“La Información”:

“The exhibition ‘Titanic the reconstruction’ has arrived this Thursday at El Palacín in the capital of León to show its visitors the best exhibition on the transatlantic shipwrecked in 1912, organised by the Titanic Foundation””…………( EUROPA PRESS )


“The exhibition presents an emotional journey through the human dimension of this tragedy that occurred on 14 April 1912, in which those attending can become, for an hour and a half, travellers on the luxury boat with a reputation for being unsinkable. Among the objects on display in the exhibition are the original car of the Titanic (Brush D24/1909), the original painting “The Dream of the Titanic”, exclusive images from the last interview of Millvina Dean, the last survivor, and the replica of the Marconi Cabin, inaugurated by Princess Elettra Marconi, the daughter of Guillermo Marconi, among others. The objects on display also include the largest model of the famous ship”…………

La exposición «Titanic, the reconstruction» echa el ancla en el Palacín de León

“Diario de Valladolid”:

“The Mayor of León, Antonio Silván, and the President of the Titanic Foundation, Jesús Ferreiro, accompanied by the Councillor for Culture, Margarita Torres, opened the exhibition ‘Titanic, the reconstruction’ yesterday””…………

El Titanic vuelve a emerger en el Palacín

“Spain – Shafagria”:

“Titanic, the reconstruction, the best example of the mythical transatlantic can now be visited at El Palacín de León The exhibition Titanic the reconstruction has arrived this Thursday at El Palacín in the capital of León to show its visitors the best example of the transatlantic shipwrecked in 1912, organised by the Titanic Foundation, which will be available until 30 November”.

“Agencia ICAL”:

“the exhibition ‘Titanic: The Reconstruction’, one of the largest existing collections on the famous ship that can be visited until 30 November in the city’s Palacín del Futuro Palacio de Congresos”.

“León Joven”:

“the exhibition ‘Titanic, the reconstruction’, one of the largest existing collections on the famous ship that can be visited until 30 November in the city’s Palacín del Futuro Palacio de Congresos”.

“León Portal de Actualidad”:

“Titanic the reconstruction’ has been built thanks to the collaboration of the Granada Science Park, the Barcelona Maritime Museum, the Philippe Cousteau Foundation, the Marconi Foundation, the Enrique Gran Foundation and other public and private institutions. It began to be designed at the end of 2012 and was completed in July 2015, a year ago now”.

“Diario DEIA”:

“…….Titanic: The Reconstruction” opens to the visitor with a roadmap that sums up thirteen thematic areas that illustrate in great detail and surprising pieces, different aspects of the construction, life on the ship and the dramatic and emotional episodes of its end, on 15 April 1912, in the North Atlantic”.

“Diario EL PAÍS”:

“…the exhibition “Titanic: The Reconstruction”, shows a large model of the ship, 12 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, made on a scale of 1:30. The reproduction, opened on the starboard side so that the interior can be seen, represents in detail elements such as the rooms, the watertight walls or the ship’s engine room, and is the largest model of the “Titanic”…”

“Diario ABC”:
“… as of Friday, 93 schools had been interested in showing the exhibition to their students, a demand that has surprised both Ortuzar and Ferreiro, for whom, however, “reasons and motives” are not lacking in the schools, since the exhibition focuses “on values, such as the courage or love shown by the travellers and the crew of the Titanic, which, although they are not upwardly mobile now, continue to exist”, and are an example for the youngest…

“Pau Roigé Gargallo (“UN BUEN DÍA EN BARCELONA)”:
“After seeing reproductions of the ship’s bathrooms, period dresses and even a car from the early 20th century, we come across the undisputed star of the exhibition: an impressively detailed 1:30 scale reproduction of the “ship of dreams”. You will be amazed and for a moment you will ignore the audio guide. But watch out, the details they tell you while you look at the small rooms and corridors are too interesting not to pay attention to them. You will feel like another member of the crew…”